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Do You Like The Perfect Ceremony?         We Do.

Followed Up By A Flawless Reception?    We Like That Too.

That's why each year, we add something extra to make sure every wedding couple enjoys the once-in-a-lifetime special celebration even more so.

Our goal is to have your guests remember:  "Hey that was the most fun wedding I've ever been to."  And if per chance they had been invited to any other event; they reminisce and say: "Heck Yes, I'll be glad to go back there again."

One of the best things about it all - is that you're going to decorate it and build it to be exactly what you like.  We have just about every variety of tables and chairs and you're going to cover them in your wedding theme colors.  Our uplights will be set to splash your colors as well.

If you like additional amenities, (like the Large Just Married Sign in the photo), we can steer you to the right person to set it up for you. 

We're going to show you around a bit more, so you can see what some of our other favorite couples did to complete the picture.   


You Decide If an Outdoor Ceremony Is Right For You.

     We Set It Up As You Wish.

             You Add To It

Throughout several seasons we have added accessories such as lattice panels and a free-standing double doorway.  Our amenities can be used and arranged at your preference.  Any and all of your decorations can personalize the setting of our greenery surrounded meadow/field location.    The double doorway can be  used as a backdrop for ceremonies or as a charming entrance to receive your attending guests.  


Ceremonies threatened by the weather can be moved to our nearby 30 x 60 wood-floor tent canopy.


Creative Table Settings

And Centerpieces

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