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We want your friends to say: "This place is amazing."


Our 3-acre facility is behind a private residence, so your arriving guests will be greeted by a street sign announcing your event and parking attendants on two golf carts.  General parking will accommodate over 200 vehicles.

Up close parking will be arranged for handicapped, elderly or VIP guests. Off street parking is rarely a problem; however a 3 minute shuttle service can be arranged for events preceded by consecutive days of rain.

It's not uncommon for many of our visiting guests to have a lot more fun than they expected. 

We encourage overly-intoxicated guests to leave their cars overnight and reclaim them the following day.

We Can Arrange Our Main Pavilion and Tent Areas to Fit Whatever Needs You May Have.

Because we are a seasonal facility with limited available dates, we have converted our policy to accepting reservations for WEDDINGS and CORPORATE events ONLY.  

As an open-air facility, typically smoking is allowed in all areas of the party center unless  designated otherwise by the host.

In the Great Outdoors, We Eliminate The Out House.

Portable bathrooms don't really fit into stylistic guest comfort.  Commercial-type bathrooms have been in place at the party center since the origination.  After our 2016 season, both Men's and Ladies Rooms were re-roofed and re-modeled.  Restrooms are cleaned and supplied with basic necessities before every event.  

They are also checked periodically.  

Storing, Preparing, and Serving

Our walk-in cooler will store your beverages as well as your food serving products.  The 8x10 unit maintains a 34 degree temperature.  The adjacent supply room area has a commercial ice machine and a vertical standard freezer.  All ice for every event is provided.

Our galley-style kitchen is available to your caterer or food preparation person.  

Big Steve.JPG

At The Westfall Event Center, catering is always the host's choice.  Food Trucks can be accommodated or we can refer you to some fabulous caterers.  Topping that list would be Trisha at Coyne Catering [] .

Our wood-fired rotisserie has 3 pits with 6 motorized rods.  Slow cooking of a pig or beef-round is a skilled art; That's why we have Steve Bodjiak as our Resident Rotisserie Chef.  When considering the service, we'll refer you directly to Steve.

[center of the picture]    One thing for sure; you won't be disappointed.

With Two Bar Service Areas
The Café Bar Is Very Popular

 During the winter of 2017 we added our Café Bar.  Although constructed to address overflow conditions to the Main Bar; the Café became an immediate favorite for visiting guests. 

Attached to the Main Pavilion, the Bar seats only 10, but provides walk-up service in-the-round.  Hi-Top and 4-person intimate tables allow viewing of 2 large over-head flat screen TV's. 

If your event is smaller in size, you may prefer to use only the main bar; in that case, the Café Bar can still be used as a comfortable guest seating area.  It's also a perfect place to set up some Hors  d'Oeuvres, appetizers, or even cake and desserts.   

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