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About The Westfall Event Center

We Built It For Fun and Entertaining

The Westfall Event Center was built by two Valley View Village Mayors [Arthur F. Westfall, Mayor from 1972 until 2000 -- and Randall A. Westfall, Mayor from 2000 until 2013].  Daniel Westfall currently lives on the property, manages events, and is a member of the Valley View Council.  In 2006 the facility became available for special occasion rentals. 


Construction of the party center began in the early 1980's with a single small central pavilion.  Over the years it has evolved to a mega complex of 10 structures.  As a labor of love, construction and improvements continue during the off season, so each time you visit something is going to be slightly different.  We have found that all of our family members, friends and clients, love the atmosphere of this very special place. If you decide to join us, we think that you will agree. 

"It was built for one purpose: Celebrating and Having Fun."    

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Tel: 216-310-5846


The Westfall Event Center

6736 Hathaway Rd.

Valley View, OH 44125

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